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ISKULBOX: Learning Management System

Important IskulBox features include easy device compatibility and navigation, a user-friendly interface, and changeable themes. There is no storage cap with cloud storage, and the course list is well-organized with an activity overview, simpler lessons, activities, quizzes, and examination creation.

Canteen Management System

The system will maintain location wise canteen details of particular organization. The system will also maintain available menus with their rates and quantity.

ID/Attendance System

One provides additional security for the students. ,Two cutting of classes can be avoided. Three easier faculty and employees attendance.

Library Management System

We also offer an automated library management system to seamlessly manage the library workflow with integrated R.F.I.D and Q.R Code technology for faster transactions

IT Consultancy

IskulGuide IT Consultancy can cater all of your business needs.

About Us

Our story began in 2021, 6 individuals who had great passion for education, brought with them a vision of changing the way people viewed a Learning Management System (LMS), an LMS that can make a complicated online process much simpler for students and teachers whether in school or at home.

With over a decade of combined experience from different industries, the men and women behind IskulGuide IT Consultancy started out as a small company occupying an office just right above a tailor shop in Antipolo. The goal has always been to create a learning platform for school and universities that can provide all the essential tools for creating and managing learning activities. Thats's how IskulBox came about.

Months later after creating the system, we are able to present and pilot test it on some schools in Rizal. IskulBox would soon expand nationwide in the Philippines. Over the next years, we would grow to welcome millions of educators to use our system. In everything we do, we are always dedicated to our slogan: we make everything simple.

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All of our Service and Product are developed by people who are technically qualified, business-oriented, and highly motivated. IskulGuide IT Consultancy are also equipped with employee that are good communicators with strong analytical and critical thinking skills,







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